What is the Cost of Wedding Catering for a Miami Wedding?

September 1, 2021

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When planning a Miami wedding, you most likely will require catering services. How much will the food cost? That’s everyone’s big question. There is much more than just the food to consider, such as cutlery, table service, and other addons. Most caterers will offer up a menu of things the bride and groom-to-be can choose from to stay within their budget.

In most instances, having a wedding catered in Miami costs between $20 and $110 per person. So it’s really up to the happy couple on how much they wish to spend. However, it should be noted that the more money spent, the better the buffet is going to be. After all, it is the happiest day of your life, so why not splurge a little?

Let’s take a look at some of the costs associated with wedding catering and what your options will be for serving up delicious cuisine on your big day.

The Lowest Cost for Miami Wedding Catering Services

cost of wedding catering in miami

Well, that all depends on which caterer you go with and the services that they offer. In most cases, the lowest cost comes with a self-service style dining experience. That can include having a food truck at your reception where guests order the items they want ala carte style, which can be a fun, contemporary way to feed your friends and family. However, you may have to figure in an operation fee of around $300 for the food truck.

Did you know that the time of day can affect the cost of service? For example, if you opt for a lunchtime reception, you will pay far less than an evening dinner catering experience which can run upwards of $24.50 per plate, and that’s for a low-cost meal.

Also, the type of food you choose determines how low the cost will be. The more dairy and meat products you include in the catered menu, the higher the fee.

Is the Cost of a Catered Drop-Off Buffet for a Miami Wedding Reasonable?

Another economical option for wedding catering in Miami is the drop-off buffet. Of course, the type of foods you choose will impact the overall price, but you won’t be paying for table service or dinnerware. One caveat to having a drop-off buffer is trying to keep the food warm for your guests. 

wedding catering food in Miami

As you know, the food is going to arrive at the reception location long before you and your guests do, so having food warmers ready and some helping hands from friends and family is a must. However, some catering services will loan out food warmers for a fee, which still amounts to less cost than having a full-scale table and kitchen service.

If you cover the cost of plates, cups, and utensils, the catering fee for a drop-off buffet ranges between $1400 and $2100 for roughly 100 guests.

Food Stations: Having them at your Miami Catered Wedding

A popular addition to a Miami catered wedding is having different food stations for guests to pick from. Of course, this option is a bit pricier than having the standard buffet line or meat, potato, salad, and dessert table service.

Food stations can include but are not limited to:

  • Hors d’oeuvres
  • Cheeses
  • Meat carving
  • Hot sides
  • Desserts
  • Drinks

Here is an example menu of what food stations and their prices can look like per Carlye’s Catering in Atlanta, GA:

“Three cold hors d’oeuvres cost $15.25 pp, while one carving station with 3 cold and 3 hot hors d’oeuvres is $36.95 pp with sides. An assorted or upscale dessert bar is an additional $7–$8 pp. 100 guests = $1,525–$4,495.”

Full-Service Miami Wedding Caterers and Extra Fees

Some catering services can be pretty elaborate and provide everything you need for your wedding reception, including all kitchen and table services, hiring the entertainment, finding tent service or a venue, and of course, handling all the food and bar matters.

miami beach wedding catering

In terms of extra fees, your catering company may charge for miscellaneous things like tolls, gas, and parking. It’s always best to be fully informed of all expenses when hiring a caterer. Make sure to ask the catering company if they offer package deals so that you can keep your costs reasonable.

If you’re having a Florida wedding and need superior catering services, we invite you to explore all that Miami Beach Wedding Planners have to offer. The company has been in business for many years and has made many couple’s wedding day extra special. You can always expect a personalized experience with this group as they offer numerous customized options.

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